Monday, January 23, 2012

Having a play

Today was the perfect day to get the sewing machine out for a whirl.

The weather has been pretty miserable and considering more then half of our family is sick at the moment it was the little break I needed.

Our home during the holidays seems to be a revolving door to all our friends kids who love coming to stay...thankfully Chloe came to visit, boys just don't want to sew!

So, today Miss Chloe and I decided to chill out in my craft room and sew up a storm! Well Chloe did, I just supervised. Chloe decided she wanted to make something for her little sister so she picked out some fabric and thought up an idea and off to work we went. Cutting, measuring, was a lot of fun and the motivation I needed to get back into my sewing.

The finished product looked awesome and Chloe's little sister will adore it I'm sure.
I will have to add a picture tomorrow as I took the photo of the end result on my mobile so we could send to mum...bugger!

Looks like this was just the push I needed too!


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Margaret said...

Hope you aren't to wet, I have been watching the cricket and they have been giving the weather up Coffs Harbour Way. Lovely new header.