Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Catching my breathe

Phew!...what a hectic start to the year it's been at our place. The ritual thing of places to go and people to see which is usual for this time of year seems to be frequent on our agenda. Today however...NOTHING, NO ONE...yay for me! Finally time to catch my breathe!

Whilst it's awesome seeing family and friends, I'm buggered!

So as a committment to myself for the New Year and I guess somewhat of a resolution I am going to take time out for just me! I have come to the realisation, the hard way may I add, that everything else has to take a bit of a back seat whilst I take the time I need to rejuvinate.

I'm taking time to smell the...hydrangea's???
Well, they don't smell but I love looking at them and my mums garden is full of these in the most magnificent shades or pink and purple...just beautiful!

Enjoy taking the time to smell your hydrangea's...or roses!


1 comment:

Lynn said...

Beautiful flowers, hydrangea's are my favorite. Good for you taking some time out for yourself!