Friday, June 8, 2012

Life in the fast lane

It's been months since I even looked at my blog let alone posted anything, so here it goes.

Life itself has certainly taken on new meaning for me over the last few months. My days are full, primarily doing everything for everyone else, running here, running be honest, I am totally buggered! Most times I am my own worst enemy, taking on more and more and never saying no! To say I have learnt some valuable lessons of late is an understatement.

My hands are full with my beautiful teenage foster kids. Mr 17, who has been living with us for over a year now, has recently bought himself his first car and goes for his P's in 2 weeks, started a Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship and is now a basic fire-fighter with our local RFS. This young mans resilience and determination astounds me daily and we are so proud of him. Mr 14 is finding his feet. He has been living with us since February and has come a long way in such a short time. He has also joined the RFS, something that was encouraged after he nearly burnt our house down with us in it - but that's another story and one that has added a few to many grey hairs much to my horror! Miss 13 turning 14 in a week, as I am always being reminded, has been staying with us every fortnight for respite. She totally loves our horses, one of which is in foal and loves being outside running wild and free! Whilst we wouldn't give up what we are doing for the world, I have to admit, it is the most challenging, frustrating, emotionally charged and extremely rewarding thing we have ever done. People say we are crazy and I agree, we are. Totally and utterly crazy, but in a happy kinda way!

This year I started at university studying Behavioural Science - Psychology. I am really proud of my efforts and am impatiently awaiting my unit results, which by my calculations I will finish with a Distinction. Not bad I think considering I left school not quite 15 with a bad attitude and a rebellious streak to boot and now 24 years on I am fulfilling my biggest life regret - getting an education.

Our foster care agency recently had a photographic exhibition for all the kids in care and their carers to participate in. Theses are my entries...I just love them!

Well, i'm outta here...things to do and young people to collect!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sad and soggy!

Rain, rain go away!

I am officially declaring being over this weather! Seriously, it's supposed to be summer!

Hot sunny days, BBQ dinner's, long days at the beach, horses grazing in the paddocks, the washing drying on the clothes line...ahh, I remember the days. 

Instead of all that we get the opposite!
Please mother nature, give it a rest will ya!

Laters peeps, Im off to put another load in the dryer $$$

Hugs from the soggy one

Monday, January 30, 2012

We're not in Kansas anymore Toto!

I just HAD to share these amazingly, awesome, cute, very high sparkly heels!

Serious shoe envy going on!

and in my fav colour PINK!



Pinterest...Oh, how I love thee (sigh)

I have never seen so much eye candy in one place!

What is Pinterest exactly??
 It's a virtual pinboard that you can pin images of interest too...create virtual pin boards for anything inspirational for things like...

(unknown source - Pinterest)

a super cute doggie bed made from an old it!

( - Pinterest)

a pink John Deere it!

( - Pinterest)

super cool storage...Love it!

( - Pinterest)

never thought I would be excited about a fridge...but hey it's pink!...Love it!

( - Pinterest)

I so wish I could it anyway!
( - Pinterest)

the cutest felt it!

(source unknown - Pinterest)

Some handy hints...Love it!

( - Pinterest)

I am sooo getting, love love it!

I must warn you though...Pinterest is HIGHLY addictive and INSANELY inspirational!

You can follow me and check out what inspires me @


Monday, January 23, 2012

Having a play

Today was the perfect day to get the sewing machine out for a whirl.

The weather has been pretty miserable and considering more then half of our family is sick at the moment it was the little break I needed.

Our home during the holidays seems to be a revolving door to all our friends kids who love coming to stay...thankfully Chloe came to visit, boys just don't want to sew!

So, today Miss Chloe and I decided to chill out in my craft room and sew up a storm! Well Chloe did, I just supervised. Chloe decided she wanted to make something for her little sister so she picked out some fabric and thought up an idea and off to work we went. Cutting, measuring, was a lot of fun and the motivation I needed to get back into my sewing.

The finished product looked awesome and Chloe's little sister will adore it I'm sure.
I will have to add a picture tomorrow as I took the photo of the end result on my mobile so we could send to mum...bugger!

Looks like this was just the push I needed too!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pink cake love

Found this on Pinterest!

 Feeling rather inspired to go and bake a cake now!
Nothing this grand of course...but pink & yummy is a definate!

Heading to the kitchen...



Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm heading back to school...!!!

Yes I am :)

I'm heading back to school !!!

I have been accepted into Uni to study Behavioural Science (Psychology).

I have always been interested in what makes people tick and why they do the things they do...and since my own family is quite disfunctional (haha...not naming names) I guess I will have a lot of insight and plenty of people to use as case studies !!!

I wonder if I will be able to finally figure out why teenagers can't pick up after themselves, need to be told a thousand times to do something & think they know it all ???

I think if I can work that one out it will be all worth it !!!

Yayyyyy....I'm so excited!



Saturday, January 7, 2012

'Home Sweet Home' makeover

A New Year calls for a blog makeover I think!

My new banner is the result of a 5 minute photo shoot in my craft room today...I'm thrilled with the result!

This photo below was the runner up in the new banner contest...I love it too!

A little tweek here & there and ta-da!
I'm on a makeover mission now so stay tuned!

JoJo  : )

3 handsome little snowmen

I made these 3 handsome little snowmen for my SSCS partner this year for the ornament part of the swap
I just love them!

The pattern is from Rosalie Quinlan's Petit..Noel book that is full of cute Christmas projects.
I really like working with woolen felt...these colours are from the 4 ewes range at Hatched & Patched.

My cousin has placed an order for these little guys for next year but in lime green, hot pink and aqua!
 I will be making myself more of these little cuties too thats for sure.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Catching my breathe

Phew!...what a hectic start to the year it's been at our place. The ritual thing of places to go and people to see which is usual for this time of year seems to be frequent on our agenda. Today however...NOTHING, NO ONE...yay for me! Finally time to catch my breathe!

Whilst it's awesome seeing family and friends, I'm buggered!

So as a committment to myself for the New Year and I guess somewhat of a resolution I am going to take time out for just me! I have come to the realisation, the hard way may I add, that everything else has to take a bit of a back seat whilst I take the time I need to rejuvinate.

I'm taking time to smell the...hydrangea's???
Well, they don't smell but I love looking at them and my mums garden is full of these in the most magnificent shades or pink and purple...just beautiful!

Enjoy taking the time to smell your hydrangea's...or roses!